Sunday, December 30, 2012


Several years ago a friend of mine coined the phrase "Bud-ism" to refer to something I've said or written that other people have quoted and repeated. I decided that, given that this is my final post for 2012, I'd list all the Budisms I could think of that I've said over the years. Some of them are serious "life philosophy" thoughts; others are just silly. A couple of these aren't my original words, but most of them are. I'm sure other people have said similar things, probably better than I did. I present them here as a personal invitation for you to stop in for a visit inside my mind. Feel free to comment, add your own isms, disagree with me or send me money.

Have a happy new year, everyone!


"'Easier said than done' is not an answer. Just about everything is easier to say than to do."

"The perfect martini: pour the dry vermouth, the gin, and the olives into the trash and go have a Guinness."

"I prefer discussion over debate. Debates are to try to win. Discussion is a chance to learn. I prefer knowledge over magnifying my bias."

"I want to live the examined life. I don't want life to just happen to me. I want to live deliberately."

"I try living with confidence tempered with humility, but I end up with inflated ego in conflict with insecurity. The cure is total honesty."

"Thanks for holding the door for me, but if I'm 40 feet away and have to run so you're not holding it too long, you haven't done me a favor."

"The paradox of society is the co-existence of the established social norms and mores which has lead to people being labeled as 'outcasts,' 'freaks,' and 'deviants' (or 'non-conformists' if we’re being nice), and the struggle for equal rights to be recognized for all groups regardless of differences. Tolerance, acceptance and especially love seem to develop and grow roots only after struggle and hard work."

"We have mandatory seatbelt laws, yet motorcycles are legal to ride. Who doesn't think they make laws just to get more votes?"

"Better to have a dirty mind than to get brainwashed."

"Be an open atheist for one day. See how it goes."

"I hate long lines. When I'm standing in one I say things like, 'In 50 years most of these people will be dead.' really loud. Yeah, I hate long lines."

"Reached for my chap stick & grabbed a glue stick by mistake. Wonder how many people would prefer I used that instead."

"If science doesn't move you and inspire you, then you either don't understand science, or you don't understand yourself."

"What I lack in perfection I make up for in perseverance."

"Ever have moments where you feel you’re three chapters ahead and everyone else is stuck in the prologue?"

"The other night my girlfriend said to me, 'take off my pants.' To which I replied, 'Fine. They don't fit me anyway.'"

"If you see a group that has the phrase 'the family' in its title, replace it with 'Christianity.' You'll likely have a more accurate name."

"If you sent a joke to Yoda via text message, would he reply with 'OLIL'?"

"What you believe isn't as important as why you believe."

"My ex-wife flew into a fit of rage. Well, she didn't really rage. She wasn't all that fit either."

"Those who believe in a god seem to always find a god that agrees with what they already think."

"People are only as deep as the books they read and the music they like."

"You are not the clothes you wear. I think that's true, but I also think who I am would be strikingly different if I always wore a miniskirt."

"I think there's more to the universe than we think, not less."

"The path is the goal."

"The right time to do the right thing is always right now."

"Our paradigms are always pathetically too tiny."

"All change is loss, and all loss is mourned."

"An unanswered question is better than an unquestioned answer."

"Love in all its forms gives life meaning."

"Humility is simply being honest about yourself without trying to change your reputation."

"We would care little for what other people think of us if we realized just how little they do."

"People debate words when they should debate meanings."

"You discover your true self when you're on the wrong end of the gun barrel."

"Timing is always bad."

"Nothing has only one cause."

"The only optimism worth having is that which emanates from a dark place."

"Obviate your autodidactic colleagues' cogitative predilections from transubstantiating into xenophobia by rectifying etymological sesquipedalian excess to achieve perspicacity and linguistic efficaciousness. In short, keep it simple!"

"To listen, one must be silent."

"We should never take our rights for granted, because there are people out there working to turn their religious dogma into law and deny women the right to choose for themselves what happens to their own bodies."

(I create anagrams in my spare time.)

See you all in 2013!


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