Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Freethought Blogs Stole Atheism Plus!

Turns out Jen and the folks at Freethought Blogs have ripped off the name "Atheism Plus." I discovered after extensive research (i.e., typing "Atheism Plus" in the Facebook search bar) that Atheism Plus is already a thing, and has been since March of this year. Check it out:

Hey Freethought Blogs, stop stealing ideas from people! If anyone deserves credit for starting a new wave of atheism, it's this incredible human being:

Schmuck Man, founder of the real Atheism Plus

For the record, I am the 16th person to "like" Schmuck Man's Atheism Plus page on Facebook. Truly, a new wave is upon us!

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For more enlightenment, see Bret's post about FtB's Atheism+ on "Anything But Theist": A+? What Next? Oh, I Know...

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