Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where I Fall on Dawkins' Scale

I had some interesting responses to my post on The Dawkins' Scale. Bruce's comment made me think, though. How do we define "god"? I would typically say I'm closer to a 5 on the scale, but when it comes to specific god-concepts that humans have invented throughout the ages, I may be closer to a 6 and even a 7. When it comes to whether any kind of "god" exists (however the term is defined), I think I'm actually a 4, but that's because not only am I uncertain that anyone knows anything about whether a god exists, I am uncertain that anyone could define or describe such an entity. I find the specific descriptions/definitions of "god" much more dubious. The Abrahamic religions' construct of diety makes the least sense to me, so I'm between a 6 and 7 concerning that "god." I find the god-concept of eastern pantheistic monism, particularly in Hinduism, much more palatable. My lack of belief concerning such a view stems from the absolute lack of evidence for such a view. Here I'm closer to a 5 on Dawkins' scale.

If there's any god I could believe in, it'd probably be this one:

He works out.

Yeah, I'm still geeking out over the Avengers movie. Don't judge me.


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