Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Stupid Atheist Gets Offended Over Being Called Stupid

I can only hope Eugene Gerber, an easily offended atheist, will somehow stumble onto this blog so he can get even more offended, because guess what Eugene...

I don't know whether Eugene Gerber actually is stupid. His recent actions are kinda stupid, but here's the point: freedom of speech, Eugene. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and tell the story:

This billboard was erected beside a church in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the property of the Rivers Church in the Sandton suburb. It was pulled down following the ruling by South Africa's Advertising Standards Authority, prompted by "a complaint from a non-Christian member of the public." The complainant, atheist Eugene Gerber, felt offended by the billboard's visual implication that he's stupid; furthermore, "he does not consider his existence to be an accident."

Aw... Eugene was offended. Boo flipping hoo, Eugene. My heart is crying for you. Grow some stones. You're acting like the namby-pamby Christians here in the United States who get their knickers in a knot over billboards like this:

Do I think Rivers Church's billboard conveys a good message? Of course not. The billboard is (to use the word of the day) stupid. Hell, I don't like the American Atheists' billboard either. Eugene didn't like the "atheists are accidents" billboard. So what? If we get so easily offended and demand that everything we find offensive be taken down, removed, censored and prohibited, then honest and open dialogue will be shut down.

Atheists have come a long way in the struggle to be accepted and understood, but we still have a long way to go. Ironically, the billboard Eugene despises so much illustrates the fact that atheists still have a lot of work to do, but we won't reach our goals by shutting people down because (*sniffle*) we're offended. We must never oppose freedom of speech. I won't, because I believe in freedom. Oh yes, I believe in sweet freedom:

[Trigger warning: sarcasm, poking fun at American patriotism, & more sparkly gif action]

Freedom, Eugene. Freedom.

Let freedom ring, from South Africa all the way to South Carolina, from Johannesburg to Pittsburg. Let freedom ring, Eugene.

Seriously, though. Eugene: Stop hurting the cause, man. There are more important issues to worry about than your precious delicate easily offended feelings. Get over it, son.

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